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We aim to try and identify all those in the pictures, so if you recognise someone as yet unidentified, let us know and we will update the site. Let your cursor rest on each person's head and if we know their name, the label will appear - if we don't, you will see one or more letters. Please let us know the name which refers to the appropriate letter or letters.


Itteringham United Football Team used to play in Wolterton Park against local opposition including Alborough, Corpusty, Erpingham and Reepham.


Back row l-r: Ralph Thompson, Terry Grand, Freddie Mills, Robert White, Donny Baxter, Charlie Wakefield
Front row l-r: Free White, Francis Titchley, Albert Overton, Tony Thrower, Leonard (Nobby) Dale

Back row l-r: G. Newstead, Freddie Mills, H. Grand, Victor Wells, Terry Grand, Ralph Dale, Denny Broughton
Front row l-r: Free White, Charlie Hall, Albert Overton, Leonard (Nobby) Dale, R. Rounce

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Ralph Thompson Terry Grand Freddie Mills Robert White Donald Baxter Charlie Wakefield Free White Francis Titchley Albert Overton Tony Thrower Leonard (Nobby) Dale G. Newstead Freddie Mills H. Grand Victor Wells Free White Charlie Hall Albert Overton Leonard (Nobby) Dale R. Rounce Denny Broughton? Ralph Dale Terry Grand