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The Wright family that we can think of that lived in Itteringham in the early 1900's were Agnes, our granny, uncle Percy, aunts Rose and Rachael, dad Reginald Earl, mum Edith, brother Allan born 10th March 1930, sister Beryl February 1932, Myself born July 27th 1934, brother Eric February 1936.

As you turn in to Wolterton Road there is a yard on the left at the far end of the row uncle Percy lived with a lady named Nellie Mills till the 1970s he then moved in with mum and dad at Horsford.

I do a lot of walking and on November 3rd I was on a walk which went in to Itteringham at the old bakery a lady was tidying up outside we stopped and had a bit of a chat she asked if we had been that way before my mate told her that I was born there she asked if the name Walter Newstead rang a bell which it did it turned out to be her uncle, as I am trying to put a history of my life together I got in touch with my older brother and sister and told them I was thinking of going to have a look around they both wanted to come with me so we set a date for November 23rd it was fine when we got there but it turned damp but we carried on looking around some of it had changed.

I was born in the row opposite the Methodist chapel I was also christened there, we have traced part of the family back to 1901 when our uncle Percy Ambrose Wright was born at Erpingham on August 14th our granny lived in church row. Granny was over six foot tall and was over 18 stone in weight a very frightening figure to a small person like my self at the time so when we visited her we used to get to the corner of Wolterton road I would set down and refuse to go any further, I have a photo of her and the two girls in front of the door in church row.

There was a granddad William Wright but we can not recall ever seeing him so we know nothing about him. The changes we noted was at the bridge the river was not wide and the sand and shingle where we used to paddle was no longer there, the shop was the first thing we noted that the steps as I remember all to well when I was about four the three of us went to the shop to get some sweets as we got to the bottom of the steps and turned left to go home I stood on a round stone falling over and could not get up it turned out I had broken my right thigh in five places and it took six months to heal ( I was taken to the Jenny Lind hospital in Norwich in a car driven by Mr Peart ) this was told to me by my mother when I was about ten years old I still have the cradle marks as proof, the owner of the shop was a Mr Fairhead.

Our dad worked for (Mr Cossey tosh Skinner) nicknamed tosh because his cattle were fed on tosh which were like cornflakes, my brother remembers a Mr Masson having the farm before Mr Skinner and dad worked for him to. My brother who is the oldest remembers more names than me the ones I recall are Florrie Jickells, John Ayton, and Mr Hall the Blacksmith, my brother says there was a Miss/Mrs New, School Teacher.

In the late 1950s I was working on Eastern Counties Buses when a Kenny Harrison joined us at Cawston outstation he knew my family from his Itteringham days.

Just after the outbreak of World War Two a bomb fell in the field behind the house and the next day we went and looked not long after this the family moved to RACKHEATH.
Ray Wright - 24th December 2004

Ray Wright
Ray Wright aged about 5

Edith Wright   Reginald Earl Wright
Edith Wright, Ray's mother
Reginald Earl Wright, Ray's father

Ray Wright's aunts Rose and Rachael with grandmother, Agnes Wright   Reginald Wright on the left and his brother
Ray Wright's aunts (l to r) Rose and Rachael with grandmother, Agnes Wright outside Church Row
Reginald Wright on the left and his brother
Percy Wright is in the centre

Trip to Aylsham market   Reginald Wright on top of the stack
Trip to Aylsham market -
Reginald Wright is sitting on the right
Reginald Wright on top of the stack

There was the time the dart team from the village played at Heydon Earl Arms as told to us by Mum. On the way home they came to Bluestone cross roads they saw the Lady in Blue carrying her basket full of stones. They rushed to get home but in Oulton Street Father finished up in the pond. In 1956 Dad told me about the lady in blue and that at certain times of the year her ghost is seen to wander.
Ray Wright - 6th January 2005

Clem Mills
Clem Mills

Percy Wright lived with my grandmother (Nellie Mills) for all of her remaining years, when he then moved to Horsford. He continued his relationship with the Mills Family up to his death, with regular visits and stays at our house in Teversham, Cambridge. I was named in honour of "Uncle Percy" (John Percy Mills) and have many fond memories of him throughout my childhood, both from visits to Gran's at Itteringham up to her death and then through his visits to Teversham. He was always held in the highest regard by my parents and was much loved by all of our family. (Reginald, Keith & Peter)
Further to your website and Itteringham I was born at my gran's cottage in August 1959 to Hennrietta (Peggy) Mills nee Regis and Clement Mills. I have looked for further info on my father who unfortunately died in 1963 and his family but to no avail.
Peggy and the Regis family I believe had strong ties with the Mill at Blickling Hall and I know she was in service at Blickling Hall prior to WW2.
Please find attached the only picture I have of my dad Clem Mills, I know its old and tatty but its all I have!
John Mills - 12th November 2005

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