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This document is a transposition of some Slipper family records that my late mother said related to her father's family. I have added some notes on various members of the Slipper family mentioned, which show their connection to the village of Itteringham. These notes were gleaned from the 1851 (Norfolk) and 1881 (National) census records plus other web sources and Slipper descendants.
Brian Jarman - 21st March 2005

1. Sarah daughter of James Higgin and Mary his wife was baptised the 13 day of June 1734

This was taken from the Registry of Irstead by me William Slickles, Curate My own age this to certify that Joseph Slipper the sun of Joseph and Mary his
wife was born the first of December 1741


Sarah Slipper was born July 15 day about 20 minnites after 3 in the morning 17(9)7

No obvious reference to Sarah in either census, I believe she may be the person responsible for the later personal notes and is therefore married to George Smith but not staying with him at time of 1851 census.

4. Robert Slipper was born December 5 about 25 munites after 7 in the morning 1800

Cannot find any references to Robert


John Dade and Samuell Blyth Slipper was born December (4) about 12 at night (night scored through) noon 1801

Born at Itteringham, Samuell did not survive for long, he was buried 4th May 1802. John appears to have married a Rachael Smith in Itteringham on 6th November 1825. Next reference is 1881 census is living in Kent with his son James (born Oulton 1828) a cooper, and family. By this time he is a widower. He is listed as a ‘vat maker’.

6. Mary Maria Slipper was born June 26 about 53 munites after 10 at night 1803

Married a James Rowlings  (born Wells, Norfolk) in Marylebone, London, 1844,  where they were living at the time of the 1851 census. In both 1861 & 1871 censuses, they were living in Norwich, James was a wood cutter. Mary Maria died in London on 17th March 1874.

7. Samuell Slipper was born May 17 about 20 munites past 1 at noon 1806

Born at Itteringham, shown in White's directory for both 1836 and 1845 for Itteringham as a ‘wheelwright’, not in 1851 census but is a “carpenter” in Worsted in 1871 census and a “yeast seller ( brewer )” in Long Common, Swanton Abbot in 1881 census.

8. Elizabeth Slipper was born Febuery 29 about munites after 9 at night 1808

Born at Itteringham, married a Thomas Dewing shown in White's directory 1845, to be a “tailor” in Itteringham. White's 1851 finds them in Chapel St, Aylsham. There appears to be a son, James M, born 1848 at Cawston. Elizabeth died 16 April 1858 and was buried at Swanington.


Edward Slipper was born Febuery 22 about 20 munites after 4 in the afternoon 1810

Born at Itteringham, married Mary Ann, born 1820 at Ingworth. White's directory for Itteringham for the years 1836 and 1846 shows Edward working as a ‘wheelwright’. 1851 census shows them living in Wolterton Road, Aylsham and 1881 census in Street, Itteringham. There were 3 children, Emma born 1842 at Cawston, Hannah Jane born 1844 at Cawston and Elenor born 1848 at Itteringham. Mary Ann died April 7th 1897 & Edward died May 20th 1897 both at Itteringham where they are buried.


George Slipper was born November 2 about 10 munites after 5 in the morning 1816

Born at Itteringham, married Mary born 1818 at Aylsham. George is listed as ‘blacksmith, innkeeper, wheelwright and shopkeeper’. 1851 census shows them living at Eastgate, Aylsham. It appears that they then moved to Cawston where a daughter Emily was born in 1854 and died in 1855. George himself died on 31 December 1861 and was buried at Cawston. See later. There is a possibility that Mary re-married to a Henry Nichols at Cawston in 1864.


Charlott Slipper was born May 1(8) about 10 at night 1818

Married on 20th September 1840 at Lakenham to John Tipple who was born 1822 at Aylsham. 1851 census shows them living at Common, Aylsham and John as a ' machine maker.' Of the two sons shown, Mathew Tipple and Thomas Tipple, Mathew was in fact the illegitimate son of Charlott and should have been shown as Slipper, he was born 18 June 1839 at Itteringham. Thomas Tipple was born 1841, also at Itteringham, he died between 1851 & 1861. Charlott remarried a George Foreman on 23 June 1860 in Norwich, she died late 1881 in Erpingham district.


My dear father James Slipper departed this life October 28 about 10 munites to 4 in the afternoon 1827 aged 56 years. The funeral took place November 2

Born 17th March 1771 at Crostwick, married Mary Worm 18th October 1796 at Crostwick.


My dear mother Mary Slipper departed this life October 25 about 10 minutes to 4 in the afternoon 1842 aged 67 years. The funeral took place November 1st

Born about 1775 at Buxton, Norfolk.


Gerge Smith was born September 23 1800, baptised October 6

Born at Dilham, married Sarah above at Rollesby about 1829. 1851 census shows him as an ‘agricultural servant’ at Paston Tunstead, no reference to his wife.


My dear husband George Smith departed this life April 7 1857 about ( ) after (mdight) aged 56. Buried at Dilham in his Grandfathers there grave Easter Sunday


My dear aunt Elizabeth Dade departed this life December 27 1853 aged 81. Buried
Decbr 31 at Bradfield

Born 1772, at Baxton, maiden name Elizabeth Bloomfield. Married John Dade 10th January 1815 at Suffolk County B-S, Suffolk.


My dear uncle John Dade departed this life Octbr 12 1857 aged 95. Buried 17 at Bradfield

orn Hoverton St Peter about 1772. 1851 census shows him living at Blue Bell com, Erpingham, where he is a farmer of 63 acres.


My dear sister Elizabeth Dewing departed this life April 16 1858 aged 50. Buried Tuesday 20 at Swanington


My dear brother George Slipper departed this life December 31 1861 aged 45

Buried Sunday Jan 5 1862 at Cawston


My dear sister Maria Rawlings departed this life March 17 1874. Buried in
London 1874

My mothers paternal grandfather Mathew Arthur Slipper (son of Charlott above) was apprenticed as a miller at Itteringham Mill and later worked at Upper_Sheringham_postmill. Later still he  became the publican of the Lobster Inn at Sheringham. He married Susan Cooper (born 22 December 1843 in Sheringham) in 1861, they had 10 children, the eigth, Albert Cooper Slipper was my mothers father. Mathew Arthur Slipper died on 4th November 1919.

Brian Jarman

© Brian J. Jarman 2005

This is a photograph of my great-great-great-grandmother Eleanor Slipper born 1847 in Itteringham, daughter of Edward Slipper, wheelwright. These two are mentioned at item #9 on the above piece. I believe it was taken in Calthorpe where she lived after marrying George Herbert Gaff from Reepham (they both emigrated to New York around 1872 with their children, but George and their eldest son died over there, and Eleanor had returned by 1881 with their remaining children and later remarried).
James Giddings - 26th June 2022

Census 1911:
Matthew Arthur Slipper (71) b.1840, Sheringham, Licensed Victualer
Dusan Slipper (48) b.1845, Sheringham, Assisting in Business
Walter George Slipper (44) b.1867, Sheringham, Auctioneers Assistant
Florence Mary Cox (19) b.1867, Sheringham, Help in Housework (Granddaughter)
Florance Harrison (30) b.1881 Fulmerstone, Servant
Address: The Lobster, High Street, Sheringham. Rooms 10

From the Itteringham AT.s  1717 - 1812.   Surname of Slipper

1797  ..........  16  Sarah d. of James & Mary Slipper, bapt.  ( the other chap has this date ).

1801  Dec 6.  John Dade & Samuel Blyth twin sons of James & Mary Slipper

1803  July 3.  Mary Maia d. of James & Mary Slipper, bapt.

1804  June 17  Samuel s. of James & Mary Slipper, bapt.

1806  May 15 ?  Samuel s. of James & Mary Slipper, late Worm, priv. bapt. born May 9th.

1808  Mar 5  Elizabeth d.of James & Mary Slipper, late Worme, priv. bapt. born Feb 29.

1810  Feb 25.   Edward s. of James & Mary Slipper, late Worm, priv. bapt. born Feb 22.

James Slipper and Mary Slipper were witnesses to the marriage of John Read ,
single man to Sarah Knights, widow, both of this parish by Lic. on Feb 17th. 1800.

1802 May 4th.  Samuel Blythe s. of James & Mary Slipper,  infant , was buried.

1804  July 15  Samuel s. of James of James & Mary Slipper was buried.

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