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This information was gathered in response to a query from one of our regulars who wanted to know if we had any evidence of the Daniels family being in Itteringham in the 18C when she has struggled to find them as expected in Moorgate in Blickling.

Although we have not yet been able to check marriages in that century in Itteringham we have gone through the parish register entries for marriages before then and for all baptisms and burials from about 1560 to about 1810. We found evidence that the Daniel(s) family has been in Itteringham on and off over many centuries. Unfortunately we have not been able to establish a clear run of them in the 18C but some evidence of their presence was found. More research into the originals of the parish registers is needed!

Here is what we found:

In the 18C

Mary Daniell single woman buried 7/2/1732-3

Elizabeth daughter of Sebastian and Elizabeth Daniel baptised 11/12/1771

Sebastian Daniel married man buried 14/3/1784

In the 17C

Robert Daniel married Anne Bundy 1/11/1630

Robert son of Christopher Daniel and Martha baptised 12/4/1640

Mary son of C & M baptised 30/4/1643

Elizabeth daughter of C 7 M baptised 29/9/1647

Burial of the wife of Robert Daniel in 1646 (date details illegible and no first name given)

Burial of Robert Daniel 15/6/1655

Katherine daughter of Robert and Winifred Daniel baptised 2/4/1665

Charles son of R & W baptised 20/1/1666-7

Mary daughter of R & W baptised 28/11/1669

Elizabeth daughter of R & W baptised 14/2/1671-2

Robert son of R & W baptised 5/4/1674

Burial of Robert Daniel December 1687

William Vaughan-Lewis - 6th November 2006

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John Joseph Daniels
John Joseph Daniels in 1896
John Daniels was living in Aylsham at the time his photograph was taken in 1896. He is in the uniform of the Royal Field Artilliary. The 1901 census lists John Daniels as living with his parents, two brothers and a sister on Low Common, although his occupation is given as a soldier. The photograph is inscribed Daddy Daniels Aged 17 taken at home in Aylsham as he joined up in R.F. Artillery.

John Joseph Daniels was listed as a soldier in the 1901 Census.  On his marriage certificate in 1902 he was listed as being a  'Driver No. 2 Battery Field Artillery'.   He served at Maryhill Barracks, Glasgow and also in India.

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