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William Tuck 1806 - 1890 Hannah Barwick ? - 1880
William Tuck 1806 - 1890
Hannah Barwick ? - 1880

Sarah Ives Baxter was the daughter of Robert Baxter and Mary Ives of Itteringham. William Tuck snr of Little Barningham married Sarah Ives Baxter in 1826 and they had a daughter, Mary, in 1827
Strong circumstantial evidence suggests that Sarah died in giving birth to William Tuck
(Field) c.1833-1895, who first appears in the 1841 census in the home of pauper carpenter Barnabas Field (whose daughter Mary Ann was married to Richard Forrow, whose mother was a Thirtle relative of the Little Barningham Tucks) in Gresham as a 7 year old.

William Tuck snr later married for a second time in 1834, this time to Hannah Barwick, another Itteringham girl, by whom he had more children.

William Tuck jnr seems to have thought of himself as belonging much more to the Fields than to the Tucks - indeed, he was still calling himself "William Tuck Field" in Tattersett, and seems only to have dropped "Field" when he moved to Hilborough in 1870 - or possibly Hanworth as yet there is very little information about his years in Hanworth, only that it was when he and his wife Elizabeth were in Hanworth that their youngest son, Edward was born in 1868. Wiliam jnr was never close to his father, for in old age his father lived with a daughter by Hannah Barwick in Wickmere rather than with William in Hilborough.

William Tuck jnr's career as a gamekeeper took him to Pynkney Hall in Tattersett (c.1859-65), Hanworth (c.1865-70) and Hilborough (32 Brandon Road) - where he died
"while watching the game" on St. Valentine's Day in 1895.

Descendents of William Tuck are currently living in Canada. A link to the Tuck family tree website is on the Links & Ads page.

Blacksmith's daughter, Mary Ann Taylor married James Baxter of Itteringham. They had at least eleven children: Sarah b.1844; Noah b.1848; Leah b.1850; Dinah b.1853; Thomas b. 1858; James b. 1864 and Mary b.1869.
James' father, Robert Baxter (1777) had seven children, and when James had eleven more, they must have nearly populated the village on their own. I am descended from James's youngest child, Mary-Anne, and her prayer book contains a list of her siblings. I enclose a few scans, a GEDCOM_file and an HTML_file that contain data on about 80 Baxters and others in this line. Most genealogical programs should be able to read it. I myself have always wondered if the Itteringham Baxters started with Robert, and whether any earlier trace can be found. There are also  a number of UnKnowns in the .ged file (UK1, UK2, etc), who it would be nice to put names to...
Chris Baxter - 6th January 2008

Images of pages from Mary Anne's Prayer Book (printed 1823) followed by transcript.

The lines, spelling and capitalisation of the original are maintained. Some entries are obviously later insertions and no attempt has been made to show these.
Chris Baxter - 24th January 2008

Mary Ann Baxter's prayerbook
Mary Ann Baxter's prayerbook


Maryanne Baxter

Itteringham April 23rd 1876

Mary Anne

Taylor her book

take it not I pray

take it up and in

it look but take

it not away.

Written by J. B.

Charles Oughton died

November 11th 1855.

Rebecca Taylor died

March 16th 1876

Mary Ann Baxter's prayerbook
Mary Ann Baxter's prayerbook


Robert Baxter died July 13th


Mary his wife died February 23rd 1892

John there son died December 14th 1849

Francis Taylor died April 14th 1865

Rebecca his wife died march 16th


William Baxter died July 31st 1880

Francis Taylor died October 30th 1884

Note that Mary's death seems to be clearly written as 1892, but this is not thought to be accurate. She does not appear in the 1841 census, so a death date of 1832 seems much more likely.
Chris Baxter - 24th January 2008

Mary Ann Baxter's prayerbook
Mary Ann Baxter's prayerbook



William Oughton

His Book

Died January 16th 1837

James Baxter was born :

January 13th 1814

Selah Baxter was born on


Sunday at Twelve at noon March 31st

Noah Baxter was born on Wednesday

at Five in the afternoon October 27th 1847

Leah Baxter was born on Thursday at

four in the morning December 13th 1849

Dinah Baxter was born on Sunday at

Nine in the morning August 1st 1852

Charles Baxter was born on

Monday at nine in the morning March 26th


Thomas Baxter was born on saturday

at two in the morning December 26th 1857

William Baxter was born on sunday

at ten in the morning April 1st 1860

James Baxter was born on Friday

at ten at night March 7th 1862

Henry Baxter was born on Thursday

at seven in the morning April 9th 1868

Caroline Baxter was born on monday

at six in the morning December 12th 1864

Maryanne Baxter was born on Thursday

at 1 in the morning November 26th 1868

I am related to James Baxter and Mary-Anne Taylor (married sometime around 1840) through their daughter (also called Mary-Anne, b.1868). James and Mary-Anne had 11 children, one of whom was James Baxter (b 1862). He married an Alice in Itteringham in 1886, moved to Calthorpe around 1889, and they had five children, one of whom was Cecil (b.1897). Note that it was very common for families to give children the same christian name as their parents, so a birth date (and often place!) is really essential to pin down an individual.

Dinah Baxter has a confusing lineage. She was another of JB/MATs children, born 1852, three years after her elder sister Leah (born 1849). Leah married John Brunton of Thurlsford (b 1849) in Walsingham in 1869, and they had five children. Then Leah died in 1889, at the age of 40, (possibly in childbirth?), leaving John with five children and no wife.

It is indicated in the 1891 census that John Bruton married Dinah, Leah's sister, in 1889, but no certificate can be found. I am not sure if this was a real marriage, or if Dinah just moved in to look after the children (three of whom would have been under 10), but the existence of another later child (Elsie, b.1891) suggests it was real. However, I do know that orphans and other unattached children were often taken in by families and reared as part of the family, so tracing actual blood relationships can be tricky! The census may have been told that Elsie was their child as a convenience.

Chris Baxter - 10th April 2008

Baxter family c.1905
James & Alice Baxter c.1905

The boys are, from left to right: Charles (b1890), James (b1892), Cecil (b1897), Major (1895), Sidney (b1887)

The photo shows the complete family of James Baxter (b.1862 Itteringham) and his wife Alice Martha Waterson (b.1861).
The photo must have been taken early 1900s
My grandfather was Sidney who married Lily Sporne and lived at Titchwell all their married life. Sidney trained as a bricklayer on the Wolterton and Mannington estates. At Titchwell he worked for Parkers constructing and repairing many of the flint and chalk farm buildings still around today. He died at 96 years old.

His children consisted of Irene, George and Marie all of whom are now dead.

He always described his father as cruel, evil, wicked sod.

I think the photo shows that.
Sidney was just the opposite, he wanted to become a teacher when he was younger but the bricklaying apprenticeship came along so thats the path he took.
Does anybody have any information of the other brothers?

I wonder if the house is still around today?
David Emsley - 15th April 2010

Cecil & Victoria Baxter in 1917
Cecil Baxter & Victoria Cole in 1917

The picture of the lady and gent (above) are Cecil Baxter and Victoria Cole on their engagment in 1917.  He was serving in the Merchant Navy based in Harwich and she worked in the Munitions Factory.  After the 1st world war they lived in Itteringham where Cecil had been born, while Cecil worked at Mannington Hall. 
Nathan Waring - 8th January 2008

Cecil Baxter outside Mannington church c.1925
Cecil Baxter outside Mannington church c.1925

Cecil Baxter and family - August 1939 Cecil Baxter and brothers at Mannington August 1939
Cecil Baxter and family - August 1939
Cecil Baxter and brothers at Mannington - August 1939

Baxters in 1926
Baxters in 1926
Yvonne Winifred Baxter on left

Yvonne Winifred Baxter on bicycle c.1926 Baxters' cottage 1927
Yvonne Winifred Baxter on bicycle c.1926
Baxters' cottage 1927

Just happened to be wandering through the internet as one does and I came across your site.  I am very interested in Itteringham as my grandmother was born here in 1920.  Her father is mentioned in the 1901 census (Cecil Baxter of Wolterton Rd).  I've attached some photos of her growing up in 1920's Itteringham.  Her mother was Victoria Cole, from a large family in Essex.  After serving in the Merchant Navy during WW1, Cecil met Victoria and were married in 1918 and lived in Itteringham before moving onto the Mannington Estate where Cecil was Head Gardener until 1939 when they moved to Crowborough in East Sussex to run the Post Office and Telephone Exchange.  The little girl with the white bow in the photos is Yvonne Winifred Baxter (now Holcombe) who now lives in Kent.  I will mention this site to her as she will recognise many of the names!  She was very proud that last time she visited, a picture of her from her time at the village school was still in the local pub!  I know she has lots of memories of Itteringham.  Cecil died in 1989 but I still have his bible from his time as a choir boy at Itteringham Church.
Nathan Waring - 7th November 2007

Ancestors - December 2008

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