The Village School was first built in 1846 by Revd. Robert Walpole whose has a memorial window in the church. The school was enlarged in 1873 and again in 1888 in order to accommodate 78 children.

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1968 prior to conversion into a dwelling

1969 looking freshly painted
1969 looking freshly painted

There is a school in the village, supported by the rector, and attended by about 50 children.
White's Directory - 1854

27th June 2004
27th June 2004

We all went to school here. One time when I went there, there was a hundred and eight children went there. They used to come from Wolterton dairy and from the cottages at Little Oulton... some come from Mossymere Wood and there used to be children up at what is now Robin Farm -- that wasn't Robin Farm then -- that was two cottages, old Mrs Hannant used to live there and
Mr Jickells.
Ruth Harrison

c.1912 School class photo
c.1912 School class photo
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1919 Mabel Fields Elsie Laws Doris Newstead Ruth Newstead Elsie Bartrum Eric Buck Bob Hall Bob Fean Bob Lee Eric Broughton Cecil Newstead Harold Peart Miss Laws 1919
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...the first day I went to school -- we had long desks with... a rail at the back and... not quite a foot between the rail and the seat and I dropped my slate pencil... I got through the back to pick it up and as I was a bit fat, chubby if you like, I couldn't get out again; and they had to send for Mr Fairhead at the shop, old Mr Fairhead that was then, to come and unscrew the back to let me out.
Ruth Harrison

1922 School football team
1922 School football team
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1930 Austin Fowell Jimmy Baxter Alfred  Newstead Raymond Marcom Charlie Wakefield Charlie Hall Walter Newstead Leslie Newstead Phyllis Barrett Yvonne Baxter Irene Overton Cathy Douglas Kathleen Golding Kathleen Wright Monica Peckham Edith Golding Ethel Wakefield Victor Wells Annie Reid Hazel Thompson Douglas Barrett Faith Riches Gladys Broughton Sylvia Mills Violet Newstead Florrie Jickells Daphne Barrett Irene Fields Henry Amis Freddie Mills George Hall Donny Baxter Ernie Amis Cecil Overton Peter Fowell Cecil Reid Francis Titchley

The school was made ready for evacueees in October 1939. Several of the villagers looked after the children but some returned to their families despite the danger.

1950s ? John Wells Aubrey Broughton Denny Broughton Wendy Hall Hazel Harrison Doris Wild Mary Hall Brenda Overton Carol Farrow Mary Prior Peter Hall Freddy Broughton Ronnie Broughton Joyce Overton Janet Hall Pat Baxter David Hall Rodney Hall Doris Overton Margaret Jickells Jane Overton Ray Wells Jean Leach Adrian Hall Valerie Hall Paul Hoolhouse Peter Hoolhouse Barbara Hoolhouse
1950s ?
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We used to have Canon Hilliard from Wickmere come and take the scripture exams, cause this was a church school... he was ever such a smart gentleman, he used to wear a pair of pince-nez glasses and he used to knock... and open the door and walk in and say, "Good morning, children," and we used to have to stand up and say "Good mornng, Sir." Then he used to say, "I'm very pleased to see the little girls in clean pinafores and the little boys in white collars... Sit. And now we'll have the Catechism." and he'd point to this one or that one. "What is your name?" Then you'd start off with the Catechism. And he'd point to one boy, one day, "What is your name, boy?" "Please sir, I mustn't say the Catechism." "And why not?" "Because we're Weslyans." "Well then get outside in the porch and stay there!"
Ruth Harrison

Early 1950s ? Peter Hoolhouse Paul Hoolhouse Barbara Hoolhouse Margaret Jickells David Hall Mr. Powell Valerie Hall Janet Hall Wendy Hall Doris Overton Aubrey Broughton Nancy Overton
Early 1950s ?
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1955 School Photo
1955 School Photo
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c.1960 Jane Overton Robin Birch Pam Wells Sandra High Beryl Wakefield Johnny Wells Malcolm Lines Barry Chamberlain Mrs Stackwood Rodney Hall Jill Baxter Colin Chamberlain Kevin Chamberlain Trevor Grand Jonathan Neville
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On 13th December 1972 the school was sold to Mrs. Henrietta Sutcliffe of Blickling for £6,000.00

I discovered, looking at the 1911 census, that my great aunt, Mrs. Edith Florence Millington (née Woodward) was teaching at Itteringham School.  (Her husband appears to have been in Australia!)  I was amazed to find her in Norfolk, since she spent her earlier life in Oxfordshire and Surrey.  She then went to Australia working as a nanny for the Colman (mustard) family, and later, after her husband died, joined her sisters and mother in emigrating to Canada.  Coincidentally, I too was a teacher in Norfolk - Martham, and Belton, but I never knew Grandfather's sister was also a teacher, until reading it in the census.  I then visited Itteringham and later found your super website. I don't know when she started work at Itteringham.  By around 1914 she had joined her husband in Australia.
Hilary Woodward - 19th March 2009

I don't remember (the building) as a school, but I have other memories. I was at school (not this one!) with John Sutcliffe, who owned the property in the seventies. He then sold it to my cousin, Karin Warming, who lived there until her death in 1996. I gather that she left the property to Julie Bland, who I never met. I don't know if anyone in Itteringham remembers Karin, but she was active in the village, not least at the church. Through her I got to know the Barker and the Savage families.
Incidentally, I was interested to see the football team. There was also an old photograph in the Walpole Arms of Itteringham United football club. How things have changed!
Bill Tegner - 16th October 2022

School Teachers
Thomas Robins ? 1816  
Louise Williamson 1851 (aged 26)
Lucy Bloss 1854 attendance approx 50
Frances Rudd 1864  
Mrs Lyons 1879  
Mistress Blanche Body 1881 Certified teacher 2nd class
Mrs Body 1883 - 1886 resigned due to ill health 28th May
Mr W. Jones July - Dec 1886 managers glad to see him go
Laura Ann Cooper Jan 1887 married Herbert Williamson
Nov 1890
Mrs Campbell 1896 average attendance 56
Herbert Plow 1900 average attendance 48
Herbert Plow 1904 average attendance 48
Miss E. Fisher 1908 average attendance 53
Mrs. Edith Florence Millington 1911 née Woodward
? Vincent (vacant) 1912 average attendance 53
Ms S. Fielder - 30th Jan 1914 headmistress terminated duties
James Herbert Blyth - Sept 1914 supply teacher finished duties as temp headmaster
Ada D. Mackley - Oct 1914 ceases as headmistress
Rosa Woods 1914 temporary supply teacher
Mrs Frances Ann Law 1916  
Miss Guy - 23rd Dec 1921 gave up
Evelyn M. Powley 9th - 31st Jan 1922  
Alice Sturman 1st Feb - 23rd Sept 1922 supply teacher
Alice Garrard Sept - Nov 1923 temporary head teacher
Elsie L. Hartop 23rd Nov 1923 took charge and still there in 1925
Charlotte Crabb 1927 - 1929  
Bessie Johnstone    
Mr Powell    
Mrs Stackwood - 1969 closure

A heartfelt entry in the school logbook for 24th December 1886 by school managers on the departure of teacher Mr. W. Jones, who from the decline in attendance obviously had not been a success:
The school managers are heartily glad the time has come for J.W. Jones to give up the charge of the school. They consider many of the entries in the log book very unsatisfactory and misleading not to say false.
The master has always been supplied with stationary and everything requisite to carry on the school, when he made application, and more coals allowed than could possibly have been consumed in the school room - viz one and a half terms.

It isn't known if there was any formal schooling in the village before 1846 but a Thomas Robins, schoolmaster, was a tenant of a cottage (not far from the blacksmith's) in 1816.

Frances Rudd appears in the 1881 census aged 59 as a dress maker, presumably retired from teaching by then. The 1891 census shows her aged 69 and living by her own means with a 9 year old lodger, Hope Goodwin.

Glebe House
Glebe House December 2001. Glebe House lies next door to the school on the south side and was once the school house

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