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27th July 2006
27th July 2006

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October 1972
October 1972

There has been a watermill in Itteringham since before the Domesday survey in the 11th Century and two mills were also recorded in the now amalgamated parish of Mannington. Ironically many mills tended to burn down all too frequently (mainly due to friction) and it is thought the present main structure was built in 1788, as RW 1788 was found scratched into the mortar near the site of the waterwheel.

The Mill probably stopped working between 1925 and 1933 and was soon standing forlorn. In 1938 its owner Lord Walpole contemplated bringing it back into use but subsequently decided to convert it into a dwelling. This was undertaken in the summer of 1938 by the Cromer builder Girling & Smith at a cost of approximately £2,500.00. The whole project was overseen and recorded by Ernest Edward Smith himself. Some of the photographs he took are on a separate Mill Conversion page.

Additional detailed history from Walpole Estate records

Between 21st June and 11th August 1838, the Mill machinery was renovated by James Winterborn of Aylsham for the Earl of Orford. The total cost was £50 11s 7½d.

c.1909 December 2001
December 2001

1913 Bypass sluice gates Stable, cowshed and storage Mill Miller's cottage December 2001
December 2001

December 2001
December 2001

1sr floor 1938
One of the grinding tuns on the 1st floor. The stone marked "A" was used as the front door step

1938 Late 1960s Roddy Sammy Derek Neville
View from the meadow near the road
looking east in 1938
Late 1960s

Walter Marcom was there in those days. We used to see him out walking and he had a big boot on one foot and the sole was several inches thick.
Joan (Nellie) Hall née Wilch - 20th November 2007

Sidney Wilch was the landlord of the Walpole Arms at the top of the mill drive.
My Dad also worked at and ran the mill and he had a fish round. He would call the horse from the orchard but he wouldn't come so he would yell "Edith!" Mother would come and she would call "Jack!" and he'd come trotting over and Dad would put the harness on him. He would drive to the train station at Aylsham to get the fish.

Joan (Nellie) Hall née Wilch - 20th November 2007

Gladys Broughton who lived in the village often used to go down to the mill at the age of 14 in 1920 and recalled that the whole establishment was run as a farm as well as a mill.

Chickens would frequently be lost as they had a habit of roosting on the wheel and didn't always get off before it was started up.

Mill Conversion
in 1938

Staff in 1967
Staff in 1967

1938 1960s November 2001
View of the mill race in 1938
November 2001

During the war the Mill was used as an officers' mess for staff based at RAF Matlaske. Some brave individuals would dive into the mill pond from the flat roof section between the two dormers. Others on occasions swans were fed with bread soaked in whiskey. When the drunken birds swam back upriver, they were often unable to negotiate the first bend and consequently swam straight into the bank. On 15th June 1974 several airmen returned to the Mill for a reunion and presented Derek and Mary Neville with a framed map of old Norfolk which they had all signed:
B. Ashwell 222 Squadron 1941 - Spitfire Mk IIa & IIb
J.H.Burgess 222 Squadron May 1941 - Spitfire Mk IIa & IIb
Jack Cornwell Ex F/O Adjt. 601 Squadron - Hurricane Mk IIb & Bell Airacobra Mk I
W. Duthaler H.Q. 1940 - 1942
John Fincham 19 Squadron 1941 - Spitfire Mk IIa
R.M.D. Hall 222 Squadron, May 1941 - Spitfire Mk IIa & IIb

N.B. Some of the handwriting was not easy to decipher although we believe the above to be fairly accurate

F/Lt Hogan (Adj) (fishing) & F/O Barnet - 1942 Sgt. Hoots (Canadian) with fishing rod and Scottie Torrence - 1942
F/Lt Hogan (Adj) (fishing) & F/O Barnet - 1942
Sgt. Hoots (Canadian)  with fishing rod and Scottie Torrence - 1942

F/Lt Hogan - 1942 F/Lt 'Uppie', F/Lt 'Bartie' Bartlett, Sgt Eddie, Sgt Hoots, P/O 'Sammy' Samede - 1942
F/Lt Hogan - 1942
Left to right: F/Lt 'Uppie', F/Lt 'Bartie' Bartlett, Sgt Eddie, Sgt Hoots, P/O 'Sammy' Samede - 1942

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald 'Gerry' Clayton 1942
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald 'Gerry' Clayton 1942

My father, the M.O., had to check all the new pilot recruits.  He checked the 1st recruit for colour blindness using the charts with coloured dots.  The recruit said 5.  My father said he was colour blind and rejected him.  The 2nd recruit said the same!  So he was rejected. Likewise the 3rd.  But the 3rd chap said he was definitely not, and for my father to check the key in the back.  Yes, it was my father who was colour blind and he was 28 by then!
Gerry Clayton - 7th January 2010

Millers & Owners
Robert Colls 1751 - 1783
William Colls 10th Dec 1783
(50 year lease)
John Bean 1838 Walpole Estate records
John Shelton 1791
Thomas Roberts c.1802 - c.1825
Frederick Copeman, corn miller Whites 1836, 1845 Hunts 1850
James Brown, corn miller, maltster and farmer Whites 1864
Thomas Ayton 1891 Census
Benjamin Cook, miller (water) & at Dunkirk roller flour mills, Aylsham) Kellys 1896 & 1900
Walter H. Marcom, miller (water) Kellys 1922, 1925 & 1929
Charles Henry Warne, corn and flour dealer Kellys 1933
Edward Pryor, farmer, The Mill also
Sarah Warne (Mrs) corn and flour dealer
Kellys 1937
RAF 1938 - ?
Sir David Cunningham ? - 1953?
Derek and Mary Neville 1954 - 1975
Geoff and Jean Mills 1975 - 1985?
Brian and Lilian Webster 1985 - August 2004
Peter and Elisabeth Downs Aug 2004 to present

Sir David Cunningham employed three men, Donny Baxter, Willy Thompson and a Mr Bond, he had an operation and later took cyanide and was found alongside the river with his feet in it, very sad and Brian Hoolhouse was one of the people that went out to find him.
Ivan Thompson - 19th October 2005

I'm researching my Bean, Beane, Bane, Baine ancestors originating to date from the village of Thorpe Market c.1757. Having a subscription to the British Libraries Newspapers online I've found an article in the 'Norfolk Chronicle' newspaper copy of Saturday 02.03.1833 relating to Mr John Cook Bean of Itteringham, Miller. the article report was of his Deed of Assignment, Indenture dated 26.02.1833 where he Assigned his estate to a John Windett of Plumstead and John Gambling of Buxton, miller. The 'Deed of Assignment' was deposited at the Office of William Repton, Solicitor of Aylsham, to date I'm unsure as to how or if it's possible to obtain a copy of this record of part of his life.
The Itteringham website and history of the Mill is extremely interesting and congratulations to all who are involved in producing an excellent website. How lucky we are to have the world wide web and people who provide such comprehensive information.
Ken Maidens, Lincolnshire - 7th May 2013

Staying on the north coast and simply looking up Norfolk history.
I then remembered a childhood holiday at Itteringham Mill.
It must have been approximately 1959 early 1960 and it has left a chilhood memory.
I note that a Derek and Mary Neville were living there at the time, although I have no memory of them.
My brother approximately 8yrs and I must have been 5yrs old. I remember the name well and possibly it was due to falling into a bed of sticking nettles, crossing a tiny wooden bridge in a field very near to the Mill House.
As for being allowed to walk about alone at such an early age passes belief now thinking about it, although both my brother and I were obedient and responsible children.
Mary Hepworth Taylor - 3rd November 2021

Some more views...
early ''70s c.1965
Looking west from the Mill cottage early ''70s
Mill cottage and garden when used for afternoon teas c.1965

Brick bridge over the bypass that was swept away in floods shortly after this photo was taken in 1956

Bypass in flood late '60s looking west November 2001
Bypass in flood late '60s looking west
November 2001

Newspaper advertisement March 1982
Newspaper advertisement during the time of
Geoff & Jean Mills - March 1982

29th Jun2003
June 2003

4th September 2004
4th September 2004

In December 2006 a Hydroelectric_generator that had been installed on the mill bypass, came onstream to generate power to supplement the National Grid.

Peter Downs beside the Hydroelectric generator 9th December 2006

Floods 15th June 2007 Floods 15th June 2007
Floods 15th June 2007

Renovations complete 24th May 2010
Renovations complete 24th May 2010

If you have any memories, anecdotes or photos please let us know and we may be able to use them to update the site. By all means telephone 07836 675369 or

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