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The Big Yard was originally a self contained agricultural yard, complete with an ale house and the village bakehouse. Some of the earlier dwellings have long gone, including the house or houses adjacent to the road. Numbers 2 & 3 stand alone beside the loke to Bintry Farm. Numbers 4 and 5 are at the far end of the main terrace and are two of the older buildings, being built with a roof line lower than the rest of the terrace. They were in fact constructed before no. 6 and at one time were detached from the rest of the terrace as can be seen on the maps below.

In 1880 Lord Walpole's Wolterton & Mannington Estate rebuilt the main terrace giving the outward appearance we have today (with the exception of the out of character flat roofed extension that appeared against no. 4 since it became a holiday let). After the 1880 conversion, the Estate provided a communal toiletblock 'out the back' and water was via a communal well that has recently been reinstated. Electricity was installed in the 1950s, running water in 1982 and inside toilets in 1988.

December 2001
The Big Yard looking west 8th December 2001

The village from Bintry c.1913

27th June 2004
Nos. 4 & 5 Big Yard 27th June 2004

Section from Miss Longs Estate map - December 1826
Section from Miss Longs Estate map - December 1826
© Norwich Record Office
Section from Miss Longs Estate map - December 1826
Closeup of section from Miss Longs Estate map
© Norwich Record Office
As shown on the map above, the centre section of the present day terrace top left) appears not to have been built by 1826. However the Enclosure map of 1823 indicates that the centre section was indeed filled in but was not being used for human habitation. The L shaped building in the centre and the two buildings to its right on the opposite side of the road were demolished many years ago, possibly around 1900.

8th December 2001 8th December 2001
Rear of the Big Yard cottages 8th December 2001
The Big Yard looking north 8th December 2001

8th December 2001 8th December 2001
Nos 2 & 3 Big Yard 8th December 2001
It is said that No 2, Big Yard was once a shop
Gable end of No 2 Big Yard, clearly showing the original roof line and a bricked up window.
The steeply pitched roof would originally have been thatched.

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